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Why and how you should become our partner

Become a national sole agency in your country

National sole agency in a country administer the nationally managed EU funding instruments of the structural and investment fund type

From 2022 onwards, we will also increasingly import the EU funding instruments of the structural and investment fund type, administered decentrally in the individual EU member states and regions, into our database. We are also looking for a national partner for each country, preferably national actors who are already involved in European funding in their day-to-day business at national level. These can be governmental, semi-governmental or non-governmental organizations that have experience in the field of nationally administered funds. In addition, partnerships with organizations that deal with or advise on alternative national and regional funding as well as foundation funds are sought. Private advisory structures are also welcome as partners. Our partners can fully use the functions of the databases for their own purposes and also receive remuneration. We strive for only one cooperation per department per country, so our partners have an outstanding unique selling point in their country compared to possible national and regional competitors. If you are interested in a cooperation with us, please contact us using the contact details published here.

Become a consulting partner in the consultant network

As a consultant you will be found exactly on your topics

Do you advise on national and European funding in your country and Europe? Then become a partner of our European network of consultants and position yourself at the points where your customers are looking for funding instruments, current calls, best practice projects or new project partners for the next project. In contrast to our competitors, our databases are much more extensive and therefore much more efficient for your clientele. As a consultant, you can map all your experiences with us in detail and specifically approach those in need of advice. Modern tools show you which trends are current and with which funding instruments your potential customers are having problems and need your help. You are welcome to supervise a topic forum in our FundsNavigator and thus further make yourself known in the specialist scene as an experienced advisor. With the prioritized access to the matching tools, you can quickly form consortia for your next funded project and thus successfully cope with shorter application deadlines.

Become an editor with us

Create programs & calls or specialist articles for us

For the content of our database, we are looking for suitable people across Europe who would like to work for us as editors. This can be in the area of news about individual funding instruments, calls or strategies and funding policies of the European Union. But you are also welcome to take care of our specialist forums as a supervisor of an area. If you are a consulting agency that already produces such information on your own homepage, you can market yourself using the publications on our portal. As an individual, you will work for us on our behalf and on a fee basis. A prerequisite for this task is sufficient experience in the relevant specialist area.

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