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The newly launched is here to support small and medium sized businesses to navigate the sea of EU funding for the 2021-2027 funding period. We aim to be an essential platform for organisations that wish to launch their projects having the full EU power on board. is the best all around support platform for EU funding you will find online.


What is

Today we want to introduce you to, your new platform for EU projects. The not only offers the most extensive database to EU funding but also a precise search engine to find the right one for you: all for free!

We will assist you every step of the way along your journey: from your project idea, through your registration on the platform and onto the finalized proposal.

Try out the most precise search engine for EU funding!

Why register to

EU funding, being handed out through more than 500 instruments and schemes, with just as many regulations, can be a tricky to navigate. is your faithful partner, that will keep track of every deadline, opportunity and consortium for you.

While being supported throughout the whole process of finding funding is surely the most secure way to guarantee the success of your project, EUFRAK-Euroconsults founder Michael Seidler, can’t sadly find time for all the worthy projects which come knocking at his door. Hence, this website was created to combine our 30 years of EU project management experience with the powerful possibilities of a digital platform. Because we like to share!

"I had to create a network to small managers all over Europe to find suitable calls and to get in contact with potential partners and consultants. I always imagined as a platform for exchange, where you can not only receive information, but where you receive help to help yourself. Bundling all this in one place and thus attracting more European funding for local and international stakeholders, has always been my dream as an EU funding expert.” – Michael Seidler

What are the benefits of

Every organisation can benefit from our new features and 30 years of experience behind Funds-Navigator:

1. Monitoring helps you to find EU Calls for Horizon Europe, Erasmus+ and Co. as well as find partners for EU projects and even assist in managing deadlines and documents during the stressful application process. Our goal is to make easy EU applications possible, no matter if you are a big research organisation or a small initiative. You only need to fill in five basic information about your organisation and gain access to 400 EU programmes and calls in all European languages. The new Horizon, InvestEU and Erasmus+ Calls 2021 are being collected and prepared for you through your personalized dashboard. Bookmark a programme you are interested in and receive notifications every time there are new information on this specific EU programme. Always stay in touch with your preferred programmes and monitor EU calls, without having to check their website by yourself.

In the upcoming weeks we will provide you with detailed information on the following programmes:

  • Horizon Europe
  • Erasmus+
  • InvestEU
  • LIFE


2. Learn from the past, learn from the best


With a database of nearly 180.000 Best-Practise projects registered, is the largest archive of this kind. Profit from experiences of past projects that earned the Best-Practise status and analyse what made them special in the eyes of the committee. Our database is the best tool possible to identify opportunities and create unique selling points, by understanding what the jury deems best practise for a project type or call. This is how successful project managers write appealing application and consistently receive funding for their projects.  


H2: - the site for the latest information

Our blog will be updated weekly with topics you need to know about Eu funding and project management. We will also share our knowledge and experience every now and then with personal stories from our team. However, this fantastic blog will not be the only reliable source of information on Further detailed information can be found on the specific pages of each programme. And every time a new call for proposal comes out, be assured that we are the first to publish all the information you need, to stay ahead of the other applicants. Search through our database to find comprehensive information on budgets, call specific regulations and application tricks. Updated regularly!

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What awaits us in the future

“I see too many projects fail during the first steps of an EU project proposal. will help you take care of the most common obstacles and guide you step by step to a successful EU proposal, maybe even with a consortium of international partners.” - Michael is just getting started and will be regularly updated in the following months. It is a place to share our excitement and passion for the EU projects: it will be great to have you along with us on this journey. For the first updates we are looking to include the following topics:

  • Partner matching
  • Webinars
  • Further education implementation
  • Intelligent toolbox

Stay tuned, more coming soon!