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Here we have compiled the most important questions and their answers.

Getting Started
Register or not register?

Without registration, you only have very limited access and only two filter options. With your registration you get access to your own dashboard and many filters, the chat area, can create favorites and be found by other users.

trial subscription is possible?

No, because with the guest account you can already test all essential functions after registering, partly in a limited number.

With a monthly subscription, however, you can also fully test all functions for a small price.

Do we enter into any obligations with a free registration?

NO, except perhaps to observe the rules of courtesy in your communications with others and our T&Cs as a whole.

There are no costs or obligations as long as you do not opt for a paid account.

Pricing plans
Cost or free of charge?

There is a free Guest version (Viewer) and three extended paid versions (BASIC, EXTENTED, PLATINIUM).

The Guest version will be permanently free. All versions are continuously expanded and optimized, you can find more information on this in our changelog area.

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Sales Questions
Are there discounts for charitable or special projects or organisations?

No, because the prices are already very reasonable for the range of services.

But yes, we make exceptions for individual cooperation partners who support us in maintaining the portal in return for the discounts.
Please contact our support team via email at support@funds-navigator or directly via the contact form below.

Cancellation periods

A subscription can be cancelled at any time, current invoices must still be settled.

However, no new invoices will be generated by us.

What payment methods are accepted here?

All major credit cards are accepted as payment methods.
We use the payment portal Paypal and Stripe.

If you can only pay by bank transfer, please contact our support team by e-mail ([email protected]) or use the contact form below.

Usage Guides
Do I need a longer training period to use the portal?

NO, because the portal is very clear and intuitive. You can therefore start immediately without any training time!

Yes, you will need some time for the intelligent premium functions, if you want the system to use artificial intelligence to give you tips on particularly interesting calls, programmes, projects, partners or project ideas. In this case, the system expects a very detailed description of your special preferences and favourites in order to make targeted offers on the basis of this information.

You will then have to invest some time to select your favourites from over 200 funding topics or over 500 key words, for example.


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Something is not working or I have a suggestion for optimization - What can I do?

Our software is extensively tested before we released it. Nevertheless, especially after an update, something may not work. You wish an improvement?

For this case we have placed an optimization button on the right side of the screen.
Click on it, several blue buttons appear in the upper left corner and additionally a small feedback form on your screen. If necessary, use the blue buttons to take a screenshot of the error or the area to be optimized and give us a comment that is as accurate as possible.

If you would like to receive an individual notification, please also enter your e-mail address and we will reply, provided you have asked a question.

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