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We have been working successfully in our own projects with European funding since 1991. Since the beginning of the new millennium, we have been training professional EU fundraisers and project managers across Europe and are therefore aware of the challenges of European funding. As a result of an INTERACT project, we developed the first FundsNavigator in 2004, the current version of which is completely new. In contrast to comparable subsidy databases, we have designed a database that does not list as many possibly suitable subsidy instruments as possible, from which you can then not decide. We have recorded 133 pieces of data for each funding instrument, so that you, as a layperson, can find the ideal funding instrument for your project. To do this, we use algorithms developed in-house, artificial intelligence and 30 years of funding experience. Give it a try right now!

Michael Seidler

Initiator and developer

In the early 2000s, Michael developed new interactive application tools for the European Commission as part of INTERACT. Since 2005 he has been developing the FundsNavigator, which is intended to make it much easier for those interested in Europe to find the EU funding instrument that really fits their project idea. Since the 8th EU funding period (2014-2020), we have expanded the FundsNavigator to include additional functions for collaboration, partner search, application creation and best practice examples.

Alisa Gray



Maximilian Weinhold

Projectmanager and developer

Maximilian joint the FundsNavigator Team in 2020 as a project coordinator. He is commited to making sure that no great new feature idea gets ignored and that the FundsNavigator can become the best platform for EU funding on the market. On the side he is also a project manager and lecturer for EU funding and EU project management.

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