This project carries out technical-commercial research to develop the entrepreneurial activities in the wine sector in order to meet the companies’ competitiveness needs; special attention is paid to the Lison Pramaggiore territory. This research aims at detecting the types of cattle-breeding, production and management techniques that make it possible to improve profitability, both by controlling costs and through the qualitative-quantitative enhancement of production. A specific stage of research will deal with finding a solution to the problem - extremely significant for the area - deriving from the forthcoming compulsory abandonment of Tocai designation. The project confers priority to the enhancement of human resources, since it focuses on vine-growing/wine-making companies - mostly small or medium size firms - where the entrepreneur plays a key role. The broad spread of the project and its evolution translate into the transfer of knowledge to the largest number of operators and into the promotion of the territory and its typical production. The consolidation of productive processes, competitiveness and profitability of firms will take place by controlling production costs, improving the quality of production, safeguarding and enhancing the environment. A technical-economic study will be carried out in order to summarize the results of the research, so that it will be possible to spread and transfer such results in similar wine-making areas and to export the activity carried out.