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Mediterranean Open REsouRcEs for Social Innovation of SociaLly ResponsIve ENTerprises


Improvement of the access to health services through strengthening cross-border cooperation of health care institutions


Cooperación para la eliminación de barreras a la movilidad transfronteriza


Empowerment of the critical mass and cooperation in the Urban System of the Atlantic Axis
MC2 prepares the Eixo Atlántico Urban System for the challenges of the post-crisis period, consolida ...


Banco de tumores y ADN extremeño-alentejano 


Plan for the promotion, enhancement and research of the cultural heritage of the fortified historic centers of the Spanish-Portuguese transboundary space.
The project enhances the cultural, architectural and ethnological heritage of the historic fortified ...


Cross-border Support Centers for the Innovative Entrepreneur
CETEIs creates a network for the provision of services for entrepreneurship and innovation in the S ...


Consolidación da rede de cidades do Eixo Atlântico


Recursos para el desarrollo transfronterizo de empresas biotecnológicas


Environmental assessment and integrated management of water and inhabitants in the Bajo Guadiana cross-border
The VALAGUA project involves different sectors to promote water quality and the protection and valor ...

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