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Development of an ecotourism model capitalizing on good European practices to enhance the economic potential and sustainable use of the cultural and natural heritage of coastal, maritime and
The project highlights the transboundary ecotourism potential of the coastal, maritime, fluvial and ...


Acciones para la dinamización y potenciación de la actividad social, cultural y económica del medio rural transfronterizo


Internationalization of Businesswomen from Spain and Portugal towards Integration, Development and Alliances
The INTREPIDA project boosts the business competitiveness of SMEs managed by women in the trans-bord ...


Tourism development strategy of the Iberian border
DESTINO_FRONTERA implements a tourism development strategy of the ES-PT border as a single, integrat ...


Intelligent Development of the Urban System of the Euroregion Galicia - North of Portugal-Castilla y León
The project aims to promote the intelligent development of the Urban System of Galicia-North of Port ...


Solutions for integrated sustainable water management in the POCTEP space
The objective of the project is environmental protection through the improvement of the management o ...


Development of the thermal tourist destination of the Galician-Portuguese border by means of the valorization of thermal natural spaces, the management and the joint commercialization of the
Highlightes natural thermal resources and jointly structures management and marketing initiatives to ...


Inclusive entrepreneurship: Opportunity and business in the cross-border sphere
The project seeks to Increase the number of social economy companies, or to promote new lines of bus ...


Red Transfronteriza de Autoridades Locales en Energías Renovables


Transboundary Cooperation Agenda- Cerveira Tomiño Friendship
The Cerveira Tormiño Cross-Border Cooperation-Friendship agenda is aimed at the search for sustainab ...

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