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Project of cross-border cooperation for the introduction of the ecological and circular economy through the prevention, improvement of recycling, management and recovery of waste, in the regi


Spain and Portugal Business Angels Cross-border Network
The network wants to function as a catalyst of both the OFFER and the DEMAND of capital, to facilita ...


Improvement of research capacities in biomass, for an optimized energy use of Non-Valorized but High Potential Biomass in the Euroregion


Iberlinx - Acção territorial transfronteiriça de conservação do lince – ibérico


Protection and Conservation of Migrating Fish in the International Section of the Miño River and its Tributaries
MIGRA MINO - MINHO seeks to improve the protection of the fluvial habitat of the sub-basin of the in ...


Project of cross-border cooperation of early warning networks in civil protection environmental monitoring systems
This project implements cross-border organizational structures of joint response for the prevention ...


Red viaria transfronteriza Vale do Minho - Provincia Pontevedra


Development and transfer to the bioenergy companies of an innovative NIR technology (Near-Infrared Spectroscopy) for the rapid and economic analysis of the quality of native biomass of the cr
This project works for the development of a rapid, non-polluting and innovative analytical methodolo ...


Gestión Energética Sostenible en Entidades Locales Transfronterizas


Community of Work Castilla y León - North of Portugal. 2020 Cooperation in the NORCYL Territory
This project seeks to reinforce the governance of the Castilla y León-Northern Portugal 'Working Com ...

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